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At Hometown Hearing, we like to say that we offer everything from A to Z when it comes to hearing. We do much more than just provide hearing aids - we truly support our patients' hearing health. From the initial consultation to the hearing evaluation to ongoing support and care, we are here to help you hear better and get the most of your hearing devices. Properly maintaining your hearing aids will make them last longer and work more effectively, and we are committed to helping make that happen. We also believe that preventing hearing loss is as important as treating it, so we work with patients to help them protect the hearing they have left.

We always listen to our patients when they tell us about their experiences and their concerns. Our patients hear better... because we listen.

What We Offer

An otoscope exam at Hometown Hearing

As an independent practice, we can bring a personal touch to every interaction we have with patients. You can see this in how we handle appointments - we never rush anything - as well as the care and attention we can give patients in other ways. We have great relationships with our representatives at different manufacturers, who keep us trained on the latest and greatest technologies their brands offer. When necessary, we'll arrange a workshop patients can attend where our rep at the manufacturer can answer patients' questions directly. If you're ever unsure or in need of more information, we will go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need to take care of your hearing.

Your Appointment

After the testing has ended, we'll go over the results with you and your spouse or family member if they are present. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, and you're interested in learning more, we will go over your options so you have all the information you need to make a decision. Sometimes we show patients a hearing loss simulation, which lets us input their unique hearing data into the computer and compare different sound environments with their hearing loss and with improved hearing so they can physically see what they're missing and how hearing aids can help. However, we never pressure patients to get hearing aids. The decision about what to do about your hearing is entirely up to you.

Supporting You

An audiologist supporting a patient in Chelan valley

If you decide to move forward with hearing aids, we'll put in the order and call you in once your hearing aids have arrived. We will program your hearing aids based on your audiogram and set your prescription to the appropriate level, depending on whether you have worn hearing aids before or not. If you have ordered hearing aids that can connect with your iPhone, please bring your iTunes password and come prepared to download an app so we can help you set it up appropriately.

We ask patients to come back within a week after receiving hearing aids so we can check in and make sure everything is going well. We'll do some after-testing and check where you've worn your hearing aids, how many hours a day you have worn them, and how the batteries have lasted. We then schedule a two-week checkup and a four-week checkup. Ultimately, we want patients to come see us every three months, but we are always available if you need to come see us within your warranty time. Some patients need more time and care, and that's all right! We won't turn anyone away for check-in appointments.

Exclusive EarQ 4-Year Warranty

EarQ 4-Year Warranty at Hometown Hearing

We are proud to be providers of the EarQ brand, which also includes the best hearing aid warranty in the business, the EarQ 4-Year Warranty. While most manufacturers can only provide a two or three year warranty, EarQ devices come with protection up to four years. The warranty also allows you to have your devices served at any EarQ provider, nationwide. Ask us about this during your appointment!

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Hometown Hearing
612 Valley Mall Parkway
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123 E. Johnson, Suite 3
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 888-3277