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When it comes to something as personal as your hearing, it's important to place your trust in an expert professional who has your best interest at heart. At Hometown Hearing, we truly care about our patients because they're our friends and neighbors. We've lived in and served the East Wenatchee & Chelan area for years. We view every patient as an individual, not a number. Our mission is to help everyone be able to hear better, no matter their lifestyle or budget. We believe everyone should have the chance to stay connected to what they love and live their best lives.

Hometown Hearing is a local provider, not part of a national chain, and we make a point of giving back to our community. As an independent practice, we have the freedom to recommend hearing aids from just about any manufacturer on the market. What this means for patients is that we can give more personalized care to each individual. We listen to them, guide them to make their own decisions, and pick hearing aids based on the patient's needs.

Where Quality Meets Affordability

Sheryl Arends performing a hearing test in Hometown Hearing

We go above and beyond to learn more about new technologies and study from national experts in the field of hearing. We strive to improve our skills at fitting patients with the best hearing aids, and want our patients to have the best experience we can give them. It’s also important to keep our services affordable for our patients. Our job is to lead you to the best solution, regardless of budget. We offer no-interest financing plans, accept all credit cards, and most insurance carriers.

Most manufacturers that we work with offer a three-year loss and damage and repair warranty. We also throw in free batteries and free office visits during the warranty period. Even after your warranty has ended, we’ll keep our office costs very low, and we do not charge extra for minor parts replacement. During your warranty period, all factory repairs are covered. After your warranty period has ended, we offer extended warranties or factory repairs as needed.

Your First Appointment

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First, we recommend that you bring a friend or loved one to your appointment with you. It is helpful to have a familiar voice. When you arrive at our office, Lyn, our wonderful receptionist, will greet you and offer you coffee while you fill out some brief paperwork. We keep our office friendly and comfortable so you can relax and be at ease during your visit. Then one of our hearing instrument specialists will come meet you and bring you to one of our consultation rooms. We'll get to know you a little bit, talk about the challenges with your hearing and why you've come to see us, and determine what we can do to help you.

We take our time and listen to you closely to gain a better understanding of your hearing situation. That includes an ear exam to make sure you don't have wax impaction or any red flags for illness that would indicate you need a doctor referral. If everything looks clear, we'll give you a full hearing evaluation that includes air, bone, and speech testing. We make sure you are comfortable the whole time.

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612 Valley Mall Parkway
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123 E. Johnson, Suite 3
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 888-3277