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The beautiful Wenatchee Valley is located in north central Washington state, with a unique culture. Wenatchee has a mix of fruit orchards, aluminum,  manufacturing, hydro-electric dams on the Columbia River,  support industries, and in more recent years has become the hub of a medical community in the center of the state. People come from a 150 mile radius for some of the best heart specialist and other healthcare providers available. The Wenatchee community has a population of approximately 60,000, but the draw from the surrounding communities brings much more than that. With the industrial workers in this community, there are increasingly more clients with hearing loss that will need our services for many years to come.

Lake Chelan promises four seasons worth of memories. Deep blue water, 300 days of sunshine, world-class wineries, winter activities, gourmet restaurants, and small-town charm. The pristine 50.5 mile glacier-fed lake is 1.5 miles at its widest and 1486 ft at its deepest point. Hometown Hearing offers complete hearing services with the latest technology in equipment and instruments.



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